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Southern Hills Men's Golf Association - 2019

Mike Tebbe, Dan Block, Ron Block, Dave DeRosear, Bob Reiman, Greg Schultz, Ron Kothe, Lee VanderWerff, Murray Wilson, & Ron Golick will be heading up the Men’s Golf Association in 2019. If you see any of these gentlemen please thank them for their time and effort in a job well done. Without their dedication and hard work, the MGA would not be the success that it has become. In the past year many cart path improvements were made courtesy of the MGA, along with the planting of new trees on the golf course. The future looks good for the MGA! Thanks again… Your MGA dues for the year 2019 are .00 per person. This is a one-time fee for the entire year. (Payment should be included in your Men’s League entry fee). For non-men’s league players, payment can be made to the Golf Shop any time before the first event in April. Once again, this year you are asked to purchase a “GHIN” handicap card in order to play in these events. Stag events are handicapped. Each stag event will cost .00 per person and includes: your entry fee, paybacks (in credit on the books), a chance at a flag prize, and a cook your own steak dinner with all the trimmings. MGA “Hole in One” club for 2019 begins on April 1st and ends on August 31st 2019. You are automatically entered into this club when you join the MGA for that year. The first hole in one by an MGA member will receive 0.00 towards his 2019 membership dues. NOTE: The hole in one must be witnessed by at least “2” other golfers.

Wed. April 24 4-Man Event
Wed. May 8 4-Man Event
Wed. May 22 Individual Event
Wed. June 5 4-Man Event
Wed. June 19 4-Man Event
Wed. July 3 4-Man "Black-Blue-White" Event
Wed. July 17 4-Man Event
Wed. July 31 4-Man Event
Wed. Aug. 14 4-Man Event
Wed. Aug. 28 4-Man Event
Wed. Sept. 11 4-Man Event
Wed. Sept. 25 1-Man Scramble

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